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Long Island Eye Doctor is a blog written by the optometrists at Optix Family Eyecare. We want to provide the local and internet community with up to date information as vision care is ever changing. Our mission is to educate you and supply you with weekly news about What’s New in the store and What’s New in the world of eye health! We, the Eye doctors on long island are taking the initiative to provide not only our patients but millions of people with important knowledge about the WORLD of eye care.


Optix has a one of a kind staff, from intelligent Optometrist’s and Opticians to friendly, meticulous office managers, assistants, and interns. When you come into Optix you are joining the family! We love all of our patients and pride ourselves on serving them with gentle hands and exquisite eye products. Optix has a magical ability to make people smile:) Maybe it’s our staff or our positive outlook on your eye care, but one thing is for sure, we are here to make you happy and healthy.

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum – OptometristOptometrist in Plainview NY - Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum is a one of a kind optometrist who prides himself on providing outstanding vision care to all residents of Long Island, NY. Dr. Kestenbaum graduated in 1980 from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, and although he was raised in Plainview he returned in 1984 to serve his community.  Dr. Kestenbaum utilizes sophisticated computerized equipment and analytical techniques to diagnosis and treat eye diseases giving his patients confidence and comfort when it comes to their eye health.  He is known for his specialty in fitting contact lenses to patients who are hard-to-fit by using many new and exciting innovations.

Dr. Michelle Zalaznick – Optometrist

Optometrist in Plainview NY - Dr. Michelle Zalaznick

Dr. Michelle Zalaznick is perhaps one of the kindest and most intellegent Optometrists in Plainview, NY. Her quality professional skills and outgoing personality are loved by everyone who comes into Optix. Dr. Zalaznick graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1979. She has been living and practicing optometry in Plainview for over 27 years.  Dr. Zalaznick is an active member of the Nassau County Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.  Dr. Zalaznick is here at Optix to provide outstanding eye health care and to give Optix patients what they truly deserve; the gift of sight.

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Dr. Suchi Matalia – OptometristOptometrist in Plainview NY - Dr. Suchi Matalia

Dr. Suchi Matalia graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Sciences from Stony Brook University. Dr. Matalia’s externships were completed in private practice clinics which focused on prescribing glasses, fitting contact lenses, and diagnosing and treating ocular diseases. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Matalia looks forward to seeing you as a patient at our Long Island optometry practice.


Dr. Meghan Schiffer – Optometrist

Optometrist in Plainview NY - Dr. Meghan Schiffer

Dr. Meghan Schiffer graduated from SUNY College of Optometry in New York, NY. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from The Pennsylvania State University. She currently resides in Floral Park where she was born and raised. Dr. Schiffer prides herself on practicing full scope primary care optometry including prescribing glasses and treating ocular diseases. She is an active member in the American Optometric Association, New York State Optometric Association, and Nassau County Optometric Association.

Her unique background in specialty contact lens fitting allows her to fit irregular corneas including keratoconus, post refractive surgery ectasias, and patient’s with corneal transplants. Dr. Schiffer continues to keep current on all soft and rigid contact lens technologies and looks forward to providing quality optometric care to all her patients at Optix. Outside of the office, Dr. Schiffer enjoys traveling, hiking, and running. She has traveled to 26 out of the 50 states and completed the Philadelphia half marathon in November 2012.

Dr. Battaglia-Capogna – Optometrist

Optometrist in Plainview NY - Dr. Battaglia-Capogna

Dr. Battaglia-Capogna is a graduate of The New England College of Optometry.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.  Dr. Battaglia-Capogna’s prior position as a Research Analyst at the State University of New York College of  Optometry influenced her decision to pursue her career as an optometrist.  As a Research Analyst, she co-authored several posters and papers which primarily focused on the various technologies that currently aid in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of optic nerve neuropathies and various retinal lesions.  Her publications include a comparative article on numerous technologies utilized in the eye care industry and detailed a case study on the usefulness of the Optomap retinal exam.

Dr. Battaglia-Capogna is an affiliate doctor with TLC Laser Center in Garden City, NY for pre and post-op care for LASIK/PRK vision correction.  She provides a comprehensive eye health analysis and contact lens fittings. Her contact lens specialties include fitting sophisticated rigid gas permeable lenses, soft contact lenses for astigmatism correction, and multifocal designs.

For more information you can contact Optix Family Eyecare in Plainview, Long Island or visit our website. Book an appointment to get a comprehensive eye exam, get the best fitting contact lens or call at 516-931-6330 to know more!

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