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Eye Make-up VS. Your Eyes

June 6, 2019 |

Dream Big

It is almost every little girl’s dream to start playing with make-up. From eyeliner and mascara to eyeshadow and lipstick. About 65% of women wear eye make-up. Personally, I can not go a day without my mascara, but … Read More

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

February 26, 2016 |

Last week a patient came into the office with swollen eyelids and very red eyes. Apparently she had a makeup trial, including false eyelash application, in anticipation of her daughters upcoming wedding. Her symptoms could be caused by a bacterial, … Read More

Fake Eyelashes – Are they safe?

May 15, 2015 |

False eyelashes are a popular trend for those who want longer, fuller, more prominent lashes. They are easily available at many stores for fairly reasonable pricing, or you can go to a fancy salon and have a professional apply them … Read More

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