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Beware of Blue Light and Eye Disease – Part 2

December 5, 2014 |

In my last article I spoke about the effects of harmful blue light on the eyes.   Adult onset macular degeneration, or AMD, causes a reduction or loss of central vision, rarely affects the peripheral vision, and can be devastating to … Read More

Use Flex Spending to Benefit Your Eye Health

December 1, 2014 |

December 1, 2014

With the holidays upon us we hope that everyone is well.  Our whole team at Optix wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.  This past year has seen many new and exciting changes in our practice, … Read More

The Importance of Protective Eyewear

October 17, 2014 |

I was on the field watching my grandson play soccer and although he does not wear glasses, there were other children on the field wearing what I would call their everyday eyewear or street glasses.  Being in the optical field … Read More

ATTENTION: Todays technology may be harming our eyes

May 7, 2014 |

 Research shows that blue-violet light can be harmful to our eyes.  At this point, just about everyone knows that invisible ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful to our whole body, including our eyes.  We all know we should wear sunscreen … Read More

The Shape of Your Eyes Affects Your Vision

April 11, 2014 |

There are so many factors determining the quality of one’s vision.  Some factors are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism (oval eyes), blue eyes, dark eyes and eye shape.  One would never think that the shape of the eyes can affect … Read More

Six Eye Diseases in Dogs

April 9, 2014 |

All dog lovers know that dogs are people too.  They have feelings, they get sick, they like to cuddle and they get eye problems.  Here are just a few of the issues that dogs deal with.

Opening Day 2014

April 4, 2014 |

Guess what?  Its baseball season again.  The New York teams will be back in action soon in new stadiums and the fans will come out in droves to root for them.  I enjoy going to see the Yankees once … Read More

Fun Facts about Eyes & Optix Family Eyecare – Part 2

March 7, 2014 |


FACT….Benjamin Franklin wore the first bifocal eyeglasses. FACT….All eyeglasses are personalized or customized for each person. FACT….Sun glare is a major cause of car accidents

Eyeglasses are available to make your computer vision more efficient. Golfers can benefit from … Read More

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