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Eye Make-up VS. Your Eyes | Long Island Eye Doctor

Eye Make-up VS. Your Eyes
Briana Rodriguez

Dream Big

It is almost every little girl’s dream to start playing with make-up. From eyeliner and
mascara to eyeshadow and lipstick. About 65% of women wear eye make-up. Personally, I can
not go a day without my mascara, but I always make sure that I have a proper eyelid hygiene to
prevent any harm to my ocular surface.As time goes on technology only gets better and now inventions are created everyday to make our day to day a little easier.

A new beauty technique that is very popular is eyelash extensions. Now anyone can have long, dark eyelashes but sometimes it is not always as glamorous. Eyelashes are not just there for beauty, their main function is to protect our eyes from harmful particles like dust, sand or debris from the environment.

What’s Up With Eyelash Extensions?

When eyelash extensions are placed, they tend to block the meibomian glands. These
glands are important openings along the eyelids for the oil glands to exert protective oils to the
tear film. When meibomian glands are blocked, it causes a risk increase for dry eye. Our
eyelashes are a certain length for a reason, and that reason is for protection. Improper
installation of eyelashes can cause severe eye infections.

False eyelashes are not the only item to be cautious about. Eye make up such as
mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow can also cause risk to the ocular exterior. A tip I would
recommend to you, avoid wearing any eye makeup the day of your annual eye exam. Make-up
products such as eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow can hide or even imitate blepharitis.
Blepharitis is defined as eyelid inflammation caused when the small oil glands of the
inner eyelid become agitated. Symptoms of blepharitis include red, itchy eyelids that may look
greasy and crusted. If a patient is wearing eye shadow or eyeliner the optometrist is not able to
give the patient a proper exam because remember, an eye exam is not just about having your
vision checked. The optometrist is also responsible for checking the health of the eyes inside
and out.

Makeup and Your Eyes

Even mascara should not be worn to your annual eye exam. When mascara is applied to
eyelashes, there is a thick, dark coat covering the eyelash. With the eyelashes covered, this
prevents the doctor from seeing signs of Demodex. Demodex are compact mites which reside
in or around hair follicles. They are most commonly known as eyelash mites. These mites are
usually harmless but when there is an abnormal amount of eyelash mites, symptoms can
involve itchiness, redness, burning or rough patches around the eyes.
To contact lens wearers, be extra cautious to mascara flaking off. The pieces of
mascara can enter the tear film and cause irritation. The flakes of mascara can even embellish
under the contact lens and cause corneal erosion or even starch the ocular surface of your eyes.
If the ocular surface is scratched bad enough, some patients are not able to wear contact
lenses again.

It is important to take proper care of your eyes. After all you only have one set of eyes.
Most women have their basic makeup routine every morning, but most women do not have an
eyelid care routine. It is important to take off any eye make-up before bed to prevent any
irritation or infections to the eyes. I use Blephadex eyelid wipes every night before I go to bed,
they are made with coconut and tea tree oil to help cleanse, moisturize and refresh my eyelids.

Briana Rodriguez Class of 2023

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