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Choosing the right sunglasses for these hot summer days

Sunglasses:  Cheap versus Expensive
Suchi Matalia, OD

On these hot summer days, a common question us doctors are asked by many patients is the difference between expensive and cheap sunglasses.

We can find sunglasses anywhere – gas stations, department stores, and even the dollar store. And of course, the price of sunglasses varies tremendously depending on where you find them. 

The most important thing to look for in sunglasses is how well are they protecting your eyes. Ultra violet rays from the sun can be very damaging to your eyes, and are known to cause various disease such as macular degeneration and cataracts.  Though most sunglasses protect the eyes from some UV rays, it is important to know how much they are protecting the eyes.  When purchasing sunglasses, be sure to look for the UV400 label. 

There are many advantages of investing in branded and designer pair of sunglassesThey will definitely last longer, as the frames will not bend and get damaged easily from the heat and sun.  They will also likely fit your face better, and are easier to adjust.  The quality of lenses is better, so the vision through the lenses will be crisp and distortion free, and usually are scratch resistant. 

In conclusion, if you are on your way to the beach and forgot your sunglasses at home, it’s okay to pick up something inexpensive on the way to provide some protection to your eyes while you are out. But investing in a good quality sunglass is always a good idea. 

Dr. Suchi Matalia

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