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What to Expect at Optix - Part Three | Long Island Eye Doctor

What to Expect at Optix – Part Three
Judy Kestenbaum

Choosing your eyewear

Some people get very anxious when choosing their eyeglass frames.  It can be an overwhelming feeling when you have so many frames to choose from.  At Optix, we make the process easier.  Our first question to our patients is what are these glasses going to be used for?  By knowing the answer to that question we know if they will be for every day or continual wear, for sports, computer, or reading.  Then we look at the prescription to see if there will be any restrictions on the frame choice.  We also ask if the patients have any idea on what type of frames they want.  Remember, eyeglasses are an accessory.  They make a fashion statement in addition to being functional.  Often they are the first thing someone sees when they look at you.  We want you to look fantastic and feel exceptional in your eyewear.  Then the fun begins and we shop.

The opticians and frame stylists are here to suggest the shape of frames which may look best for you.  For instance, if you have a round face we might suggest a rectangular frame.  For a rectangular face we might go for an oval or a round frame.  A cat eye shape might help to lift your appearance.  Some people like eyeglass frames to make a statement but others want them to blend into the background.  Some people like basic black or tortoise or bronze.  Others are all about color and patterns.

Through conversations we learn what the patients want and we then help them find their perfect look.  If the choice comes down to two or three frames we may ask others in our office for an opinion and we take a vote, making it a fun process.  And sometimes the patient simply decides to get two pair, which in actuality is the smarter way to go for many reasons.  It’s always good to have a backup pair and it’s always good to change your look just like you do with your clothes and hairstyle every day.  I always discuss with my patients that they should build an eyewear wardrobe.  They will have fun accessorizing and won’t get bored wearing their eyeglasses every day.  Another advantage is that each eyeglass frame sits in a slightly different place on the nose and it gives your nose a little bit of a break to change where the frame sits on a daily basis.  Most people don’t wear the same shoes every day for comfort reasons.  Why should eyeglasses be treated any differently?

After we choose the frames, we discuss the lenses as there are many choices and options.  We make the process easy and we save our patients money by bundling the best choices together.  As eye care professionals it is our job to protect our patients’ eyesight for the short term and for the long-term.  So we always prescribe lenses that will minimize reflections and protect the eyes from ultraviolet and harmful blue light.  Once we determine which lenses will be best, we then take patient specific measurements as each pair of glasses is custom made for each individual. Measurements must be precise and we take great care to do this for each of our patients in order to maximize vision quality.  We at Optix believe that your vision and your look is our focus.  That is why we have made this our motto “Your Vision, Your Look, Our Focus”.

In the next phase we will discuss how we process your order, manufacture, check the eyeglasses for accuracy, and finally dispense the eyeglasses to you. Thank you for choosing Optix Family Eyecare for your vision care needs.

Judy Kestenbaum, Opticia

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