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First Impressions | Long Island Eye Doctor

First Impressions
Judy Kestenbaum

I was recently at a party with a bunch of my friends and ran into an acquaintance.  I had not seen her for a few years.   The first thing I noticed when I looked at her was her face and of course her eyeglasses.  I know I am in the business of eye care and eyewear but anyone would have seen that the eyeglass she was wearing was worn out.  They were blue, peeling so much so that the underlying silver was showing through.  And they were terribly out of alignment.

She and  her husband own a business in which she helps out at the front desk, again meeting with people.  She is in essence, the face of the business.  Their business involves manufacturing, what they portray as a quality product better than most.  Now I can imagine what runs through the mind of a prospective client who wants to purchase something of high quality and they are speaking with a person who gives a first impression of non-quality.  If a representative of a store or manufacturing business cannot pay attention to their own accessories, how can a person be confident that what they are selling will be of the high quality that they describe?

Eyewear does not have to be a designer brand to look good.  Eyeglass frames don’t have to be expensive to look good (although quality does come with a price).  But if you are trying to create an image of quality, you cannot wear raggedy clothing, shoes, or eyeglasses.  Someone once said, “Perception is reality”.  You cannot change that first impression that you make on someone else.

So my intent with this blog is to make people aware.  If you are a person who is in sales, healthcare, or any other occupation where making a good impression on people is paramount, it doesn’t take a lot to make a good first impression.  Your face is the first part of you that people see and you can control what eyeglasses you put on that face.  As for the rest of your clothing….. happy shopping.

Judy Kestenbaum, Optician

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