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Hawaii Without Sunglasses – and other mishaps | Long Island Eye Doctor

Hawaii Without Sunglasses – and other mishaps
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

The long planned trip to Hawaii was finally underway.  Bags were packed and ready to go.  First stop…. San Diego to see my son.   It all started off well with an on-time flight and a relatively smooth trip.  The weather in San Diego was a balmy 55 degrees and raining.  El Nino was certainly befitting for a Kestenbaum vacation.  Torrential rains for San Diego was not the norm but the Kestenbaums were here.  Who thought about sunglasses?

Breakfast with Brett and his friends turned into a minor event when I cracked my tooth on a fork.  Really?  You are not supposed to bite a fork?  It seems that every time I go away on vacation there is a call to my dentist to schedule an appointment on the day after I return.  Somehow, even though the restaurant “Snooze” was a great place to eat, I just wasn’t hungry any longer………   and the rain…  What should we do in the rain?  I had a great idea.  Let’s take a 2 hour drive to the President Richard Nixon Library.  We enjoyed prior presidential libraries so it seemed like a good idea.  Off we went driving in the rain.  Waze is a great app for guidance.  However it doesn’t tell you that some of the roads are toll roads that do not have toll collectors and our car does not have an EZ Pass.  What a pain in the butt just to get the tolls paid online.

So we made it to the Nixon Library in the rain only to find out that most of the library is under construction and the exhibits are closed…… except for 3 of them.  One was a 30 minute movie and the other two were the home that he was born and raised and his presidential helicopter……….  Oh and because it was raining the helicopter tour was closed and so was the house…..  They didn’t want the tourists tracking in the mud.  We did get a discount though…..HaHa.

So, 45 minutes later, after a movie and a pit stop we reversed our direction, once again navigating the unmanned toll roads in the rain.

Day 2 was a little better.  There was some sunshine but very sporadic and we were in our favorite California town of La Jolla Cove.  It was then that I looked for the prescription sunglasses that I apparently forgot to pack.  No worries, I had 2 pair of eyeglasses with transitions lenses to choose from.  Transitions lenses are wonderful when walking around in the sun or playing golf.  But not for driving towards the sun or for getting rid of the blinding reflections off the water.  Why did I forget my polarized sunglasses?

We are now heading to Maui with a predicted week of sunny weather.  I am going to miss my prescription sunglasses.  And I am also going to miss my connecting flight.  The first leg of our flight from San Diego to Honolulu was delayed.  Can’t wait for the rest of the week.


Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

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