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"Your Look, Your Vision, Our Focus" | Long Island Eye Doctor

“Your Look, Your Vision, Our Focus”
Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Optix Family Eyecare is moving to a new office in mid-November 2015. We will still be conveniently located next to Trader Joe’s in the Woodbury Plaza shopping center in Plainview. We will have a sleek new look that transcends today’s styles. In building our new space, our challenge is to make our transition easy for our prior patients while making it exciting for everyone.
Our tagline, “Your Look, Your Vision, Our Focus”, is nothing new. Our team has been focusing on our patients for 31 years. In order to care for our patients in our clinic, over the years we have added new equipment and technology as it became available. Our doctors far exceed the amount of continuing education that New York State laws require on an annual basis assuring that our patients are getting the best care possible.
In our optical, our team also is required to keep up with the latest technology in frames and lenses and the latest trends in style. We have been very fortunate in that our practice has had very little staff turnover. That speaks wonders for our practice since our patients must be happy and our staff must be delivering quality care. It also tells me that our team is happy in their work environment, giving rise to fantastic relationships between our staff and our patients.
Healthcare has changed dramatically over the years. So has the public’s view and realization through education that taking care of their one set of eyes is so important. Back in the late 1980s, I made it my challenge to assure that my patients fully understood and were educated about their eye health and the importance of maintaining that for a lifetime. All of our associate doctors understand that this is the message that our practice must continue with in order for our patients to maintain healthy eyes and excellent vision. When our patients sit in our examination chair, we are not only examining two eyes, we are creating relationships. We are looking to ensure our patients overall general health and well-being. Unlike many vision care providers, and there are many, our focus in our clinic is on your vision and health. Our focus is not just to sell you a pair of glasses or contact lenses.
In our optical department, our team will teach you about the best products available for you and what we believe will provide you with the best visual acuity, eye protection, and style. While we cannot be all things to all people, we do pride ourselves in having an extensive selection of frame styles from the most basic to the fashion forward designers. We also have in our inventory, sports eyewear for active adults and children, and one of the largest selection of sunglasses on Long Island.
So when you or your family is considering either your next eye examination, or just filling a prescription from the eye doctor of your choice, we hope you will choose Optix Family Eyecare. Most vision plans and insurance plans are accepted here and our team will do our best to maximize your benefits. Please come visit us in our new highly technological office in the fall of 2015.
“Your Look, Your Vision, Our Focus”
Dr. Joel Kestenbaum
Optix Family Eyecare

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