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A Tribute To The Best Team | Long Island Eye Doctor

A Tribute To The Best Team
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Caring for people is our occupation
We do it best without complication
A pleasure to work with – much motivation
It is nice to see such exhilaration

Our team is thoughtful and full of conversation
Attentive, considerate, without deviation
A patient’s visit is without palpitation
It’s our job to always assure exultation

Initial phone call, appointment, insurance verification
Reminders, paperwork, without hesitation
Greeting patients with consideration
Getting them started without procrastination

Preliminary testing with explanation
A full history with documentation
Questions answered in every situation
Our techs understand all the computerization

Doctor’s examination with illumination
A vision analysis is an expectation
Looking for any type of inflammation
Ensuring the eyes have full lubrication

Providing sick eyes with medication
Guaranteeing healthy eyes is the justification
Patient observation and education
Gives us the most gratification

Eyeglass selection and lens fabrication
Frame styling and consultation
So important is our communication
Quality eyewear assures patient adaptation

It didn’t take long for the realization
Optix Family Eyecare – the best team, without deliberation
Inspiration, innovation, no limitation
Thank you for your dedication

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

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