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Special Lenses for Special Needs | Long Island Eye Doctor

Special Lenses for Special Needs
Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Eyeglasses are not helpful if they do not do the intended job.  Contact lenses are not helpful if they don’t correct the vision to an acceptable level or they cause dry eyes or other issues.  On the other hand, specialty eyeglasses and contact lenses can provide help for people with special needs.

Dry eyes
Macular degeneration
Corneal diseases like Keratoconus
Post surgical eyes
Computer vision needs
High magnification needs
Peripheral vision problems
Double vision

These are just the tip of the iceberg of problems that eyeglasses or contact lenses may solve.  It seems that new lenses are brought to market every day.  It is very hard for every eye care professional to keep up with the technology.  But those that do, those that are in-the-know, are best equipped to serve their patients.  Continuing education is the mainstay of our practice and always has been.  From the doctors to the receptionist, continuing education helps us to help our patients.

We know about frame technology.  What are the best materials, size and shape for our patients?  What is best for someone with a small nose or wide set eyes, or for a tall or short person?  Yes, size does matter.  Where can we find the style and/or color that will best suit you?  Our educated team can help.

We know about lens technology.   Which progressive lens is best suited for your occupation or how you use your eyes?  Do you need specialized computer lenses?  Do you drive a truck or read all day?  Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?  Do you or a family member have macular degeneration or cataracts?  Are you sensitive to glare?  It’s not always one lens fits all.  Different lenses are available for different needs.  We understand the technology and we know the answers better than most.

We know about contact lens technology.  Have you tried contact lenses and been unsuccessful?  Do you have a corneal disease that prevents you from seeing well with eyeglasses?  Are you an athlete and need a contact lens that is very stable on the eye, providing clear and sharp vision?  Do eyeglasses affect your peripheral vision?   Are you over 40, having trouble seeing near as well as far but don’t want to wear eyeglasses?  Contact lenses are available for you for all of these needs and more.  An unsuccessful past does not mean an unsuccessful future.  Consult with one of our contact lens specialist optometrists.  There is likely a way we can make you a successful contact lens wearer.

Our team is a great team.  We are educated in all facets of vision care and can advise you for your special needs.  Come see us or give us a call.  You will be glad you did.

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum
Optix Family Eyecare Center

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