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Do You Have Dry Eyes? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Do You Have Dry Eyes?
Meghan Schiffer, OD

If you’ve ever noticed that your eyes feel dry, you are not alone. Symptoms of dry eye disease can vary greatly from person to person. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following:
–    Scratchy, gritty feeling
–    Burning or stinging
–    Itching
–    Fluctuating or blurry vision
–    Excess tearing (watery eyes)
–    Mucous discharge
–    Irritation from wind, smoke, air conditioning, or heat
–    Redness
–    Tired eyes
–    Light sensitivity
–    Contact lens discomfort
–    Contact lens solution sensitivity
–    Lid infections or frequent styes
–    Eyelids stuck together upon awakening

If any of these symptoms occur on a regular basis, it is important to have your eyes evaluated by your health care practitioner. There are many types of dry eye disease. Your optometrist will be able to tell you which type of dry eye affects you, and which treatment is recommended.

Dr. Meghan Schiffer

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