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Declutter Your Home—Provide Clear Sight To Those In Need | Long Island Eye Doctor

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Moving Home


More and more families are living together longer or reuniting to live under one roof after many years.  Children grow up and leave the roost and then they return (boomerang generation).  Parents get older and can no longer care for themselves so they move in with their children.  Money is tight so families share living space.  There are lots of reasons to share living quarters.,

What must we do in situations where one or more people are somewhat visually impaired?  Not necessarily blind, but visually handicapped.  For most of us, caring for an aging parent or a visually impaired individual is difficult.  Most of us do this because we want to.  Many of us do it because we see it as an obligation.  Some of us do it out of guilt.  Whatever the reason, caring for a person in need is disruptive to our normal lifestyle.

When we live with someone who is visually impaired, we must be extremely careful to take out the roadblocks to safety.  For someone who is usually a slob at heart, this can be very difficult but it could be a blessing in disguise.  Many people who are visually handicapped need to memorize where everything is because they cannot see details.  A toy left on the floor can be a disaster.  A sharp corner of a glass coffee table can really hurt.  Clothes left where they shouldn’t be left could cause a broken hip.  Leaving the door open to the basement………..OUCH.

It is so important to close your eyes and think about what it might be like in their shoes.  Clean up your homes.  Get rid of some of the extra furniture.  Create more clear space.  Put everything in its place.  Keep it consistent and everyone has a better chance of not getting hurt.

Oh and by the way, there have been many advancements in vision technology that can aid someone who is visually impaired.  Ask your eye doctor for advice on this topic.  Magnifiers, special telescopic eyeglasses, eyeglass/contact lens combinations are just a few of the devices that may be able to assist the visually impaired to be more independent.

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Optix Family Eyecare Center

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