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Don’t let your glasses cook in your car this Summer! | Long Island Eye Doctor

Don’t let your glasses cook in your car this Summer!
Suchi Matalia, OD

Summer’s almost here!  The weather is slowly getting warmer day by day.  After the horrendous winter we’ve had, I’ve heard from several weather channels that this summer is going to be an extremely HOT one in Long Island!

Are you ready for the heat?  Do you remember the feeling of getting into a car that’s been sitting out in the parking lot all day?  That whiff of heat you feel when you sit inside?  Remember – that
heat in the car can be very harmful for your glasses/sunglasses!! Are you ready to protect your glasses from heat damage?

How does Heat damage Glasses, frames and lens?

Extreme heat can damage and change the shape of the frame, causing it to not fit properly on your face, especially plastic frames. Many times, opticians can make appropriate adjustments to have the frame fit again, but sometimes heat can cause permanent damage.

Heat can damage the lenses too. The Polaroid film used for polarized sunglasses can be damaged in very high temperatures. Also, extreme temperature changes cause the eyeglass lenses to expand and contract, which can reduce the optical characteristics of the lenses and distort your vision.  Anti-glare/anti-reflective and scratch resistant lenses can also be ruined in the high temperatures.

Keep your glasses safe during the summer!  And remember to always wear sunglasses when outside!

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