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Fun Facts about Eyes & Optix Family Eyecare - Part 1 | Long Island Eye Doctor

Fun Facts about Eyes & Optix Family Eyecare – Part 1
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

DrEyeExamIf you are a typical patient, you have your eyes examined about every 18 months or so.  But do you really know all of the things that your eye doctor and staff can do for you?   Here are some interesting facts about your eyes and just a few ways our eye doctors can help you to enjoy your daily visual life.

FACT….Women have more eye exams than men.
FACT….Women make most of the family’s health decisions.
FACT….80% of learning comes from the eyes.
FACT….80% of a persons lifetime exposure to ultraviolet light occurs before 18 years of age.
FACT….Protecting the eyes with UV blocking sunglasses at an early age is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their child.
FACT….Children are not aware that they see blurry until they have a comprehensive eye examination or at least a vision screening.   It is up to the parents to take them to the eye doctor for an eye exam.
FACT….Pediatricians and school nurses provide a valuable vision screening service BUT statistics show that 72% of the children they screened had eye problems that were missed by the screening.  Have your child’s eyes examined by an eye care professional.
FACT….Broken hips in the elderly are often due falls from poor vision and cataracts.



Most importantly, we deliver happiness to your eyes.
Our doctors treat dry eyes
Our doctors treat red eyes
Our doctors treat pinkeye
Our doctors treat conjunctivitis
Our doctors treat glaucoma
Our doctors treat allergy eyes
Our doctors treat double vision
Our doctors treat many eye diseases
Our doctors don’t just spin our wheels.  We proudly use the latest computerized technology to examine your eyes.
Our doctors provide the most up-to-date eyecare with today’s technology.

All of our optometrists are licensed to treat eye disease without surgery.

Our doctors co-manage cataract surgery with many surgeons.

Our doctors provide pre and post-op care for laser vision correction (LASIK).

Our doctors recommend Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) only if a patient is the proper candidate.  Ask our doctors if LASIK is right for you.

Our doctors use the most sophisticated instruments for the early detection of macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

Our eye doctors can detect high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid disease by looking into the eye?

Our doctors examine children starting at age 3.

Our doctors are experts in fitting patients with contact lenses.



FACT….Contact lenses were conceived by Leonardo Divinci
FACT….The healthiest contact lens is one that is never worn more than once
FACT….Over wearing a contact lens is detrimental to eye health.
FACT….Most of today’s contact lenses are NOT approved for overnight wear.
FACT….Oxygen is needed for proper eye health.


Contact lenses are available for people with an astigmatism
Contact lenses are available for people who need bifocal
Contact lenses are available for people who play sports
Contact lenses are great for social use
Contact lenses are available for people who want to change eye color.
Contact lenses are available for people of all ages
Contact lenses are available for people with dry eye
Contact lenses are used as eye bandages for certain eye disease.
Contact lenses may help you see better than with eyeglasses

We fit contact lenses for sports
We fit contact lenses for social occasions



Contact lenses are medical devices and should be replaced on the schedule recommended by the FDA and your eye doctor.

Not all contact lens solutions are alike.  Generic contact lens solutions may be harmful to your eyes health.  Ask your eye doctor which solution is best for your eyes and your contact lenses.

Swimming while wearing contact lenses is not recommended.

Contact lens wearers should always wear sunglasses for protection.  ,,

NEVER SWIM IN A LAKE WITH CONTACT LENSES……Bacterial infection may result.

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