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The Worst Ideas For Your Eyes | Long Island Eye Doctor

Michelle Zalaznick, OD

I was watching a late night television show and there was a feature titled “Worse Ideas”. That made me think about some of the worse ideas I have heard about people’s eyes!

1. Re-wearing 1-day Contact lenses. These lenses were made to be worn for 1 DAY. They will coat and not wet properly if worn for repeated days.Contact lens

2. Sleep with 1-day Contact lenses.  These lenses are not approved for sleeping in.  They do not allow enough oxygen through to the cornea for sleeping purposes. If you want to sleep in contact lenses, get refit with lenses that will allow more oxygen to the cornea.

3.  Top off lens solution in contact lens case.  The contact lens solution is supposed to be thrown out everyday and the case should be left open to air dry everyday.  Topping off solution may not disinfect contact lenses properly and the patient may be opening themselves up for an infection.

4.  Never replacing the contact lens case.  The contact lens case should be replaced every month.  Bacteria and dirt get trapped in and around the case and contaminate the contact lenses and your fingers.  This could lead to eye infections.

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