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Contact Lenses in Pregnancy | Long Island Eye Doctor

Contact Lenses in Pregnancy
Michelle Zalaznick, OD

Wearing contact lenses during pregnancy is safe. Of course, women should have a complete eye examination before or during their pregnancy.  During pregnancy there are many changes that occur to the women’s body that can affect the ability to wear contact lenses comfortably. Some of these changes are due to fluctuation of hormone levels  and excessive fluid retention. This may cause a change in the shape of the eye and can affect the way the contact lenses fit on the eye. The contact lenses may have to be refit or glasses may be the best alternative for some women.

Another possible complication during pregnancy is dry eye. Many women complain their contact lenses feel uncomfortable by the middle to end of the day. The solutions to dry eye include the use of re-wetting drops, decreasing wearing time of contact lenses and/or being refit with 1 Day contact lenses. A rise in blood pressure can cause preeclampsia in some pregnant women. Possible visual signs of preeclampsia may be  blurred or double vision, an  increased sensitivity to light and/ or seeing floaters. If any of these symptoms occur, the women should call their eye care practitioner immediately and set up an appointment for evaluation.

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