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How do I keep my glasses clean and scratch-free? | Long Island Eye Doctor

How do I keep my glasses clean and scratch-free?
Dr. Amy Chang
  • On February 21, 2014

When patients come to see me for their annual exam, they are usually a little embarrassed about the condition of their glasses.  Most often their lenses are dirty and/or cloudy, and many times they are scratched.  All of these things will degrade your vision when looking through the lenses, and I don’t know about you, but I like my vision without cloudiness or scratches!

Here are some tips to keep your glasses in tip top shape!taking care of your glasses

1. Do not skimp on lens materials and anti-reflective (ultra clear lenses)-Some people believe that vision plans should cover everything that they need and therefore will not spend anything extra.  This is not the right mindset.  Vision plans are great because they save you money, but to be perfectly honest they cover only the very basic lenses.  Their lenses are very far from what I would want myself, or my family to see through.

A high quality anti-reflective ultra clear lens is number 1 on my list.  With out this, the reflections that are coming off of your glasses, is less clear vision that is coming into your eyes!  Whats worse is if you choose a poorer quality lens, it is going to scratch off more easily and that will affect your vision as well.
The take away point is to listen to your doctor and optician, their job is to make you see your best.  They will tell you what is best for your eyes!


It is so important to keep your glasses in a case when you are not using them.  Too often I see patients pull out their glasses from the pocket or purse without a case, and they wonder why the glasses are scratched.  Most fabrics and items are coarse enough to scratch the lenses.  Even if you don’t have the space on you to carry a hard case, get a soft one.

Also it goes without saying bring a lens cloth!  A microfiber lens cloth is needed to clean lenses without scratching them.  Please do not use your shirt or a napkin!  Those materials have fibers that can damage the lens!

STEP 3 : SUPER DUPER CLEAN If you can do steps 1 or 2,  please give yourself a high five, you are taking care of your glasses and your vision as well.  If you want to take it another step further, here is some advice.

Clean your glasses  (lens + frame)  on a weekly basis,  make a mixture of warm water and dishwasher detergent in a small bowl, soak the lens and frame in it for about 10 seconds. Then rinse it off with warm water  Use a paper towel and lightly press on the glasses to remove the excess water, and clean the lens with your lens cloth.

If you want your glasses to be completely free of any reside, you can purchase denatured alcohol from the pharmacy and pour a little into a paper towel, wipe the lenses gently and then clean it again with the lens cloth,  This does miracles to the lens!

It’s an important point to make that even though we have so much new technology for detecting early eye disease and making the exam more efficient. Ultimately, your vision is enhanced by doing small things such as taking care of your eyewear.


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