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Pediatric Eye Care Centre | Long Island Eye Doctor

Pediatric Vision
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Pediatric Eye Care Centre

Annual eye exams are an important part of your child’s health.  These exams identify any problems early on, before they begin to affect your child.  In many cases, a child may not realize that they aren’t seeing correctly until they have something to compare it to.  We recommend that parents bring their children in for a pediatric eye exam at three years old.  With pediatric eye exams, your children can have proper vision for learning in school.

Teaching Children about Eye Protection

Your children’s eyes are four times more susceptible to damage than that of an adult. This is mainly because of the crystal clear eyes that they have, all of the structures from the front to back are crystal clear. It’s really important to teach your children about eye protection.

We are dedicated to providing families with comfortable and convenient eye health and vision care services.  We offer a wide selection of children’s frames from popular brands, as well as flexible frames that will hold up under wear-and-tear.  We welcome parents and children to our practice and look forward to helping you improve your vision.

You can quickly book an appointment anytime of the week here. If urgent, you can also Call Optix Family Eyecare at 516-931-6330 in Long Island.


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