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Eye Allergies | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Eye Allergies

Itchy, red, and watery eyes affect millions of people each year.  About one in five Americans suffer from eye allergies.  For some, these symptoms occur alone, but they may also be associated with sneezing, sniffling and a stuffy nose.  These eye allergies can be caused by indoor or outdoor allergens, including:

  • ·         Grasses
  • ·         Trees
  • ·         Weed Pollens
  • ·         Pet hair or dander
  • ·         Dust mites
  • ·         Molds
  • ·         Cigarette Smoke

Eye allergies develop when your body’s immune system overreacts to substances that are actually harmless.  When your body perceives a substance to be a threat, it makes antibodies and releases histamine.  This reaction can cause the blood vessels in your eyes to swell.  If you are having difficulty managing your allergies, we invite you to visit our practice to determine the reason behind your symptoms.

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