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No glare lenses for Children | Long Island Eye Doctor

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Parents often don’t realize how important it is to opt for no-glare lenses for their children’s eyeglasses.  After all, the kids won’t be doing any night driving – or at least we hope not.  In fact, no-glare lenses are important to kids for several reasons.

Why no glare lenses for children?

First of all, no-glare lenses improve visual acuity in all situations.  In fact, when your eye doctor prescribes no-glare lenses for you or for your child, vision can improve up to two lines on the Snellen chart, which is the chart your doctor uses to conduct a vision test. That’s an improvement from 20/40 vision to 20/20 vision with the exact same prescription. The only difference is the addition of the no-glare coating.  Besides reducing glare, these lenses also resist scratches, smudges, and dirt….. just perfect for kids.  Your child will not only see better but will look better too.

Another important factor behind the importance of no-glare lenses is that 80% of learning is through the eyes.  It’s obvious that clean, smudge-free eyeglasses will be an aid in your child’s education.

It is also true that classrooms are full of glare. Whiteboards are fixtures in classrooms and are what teachers mark on with erasable markers.  These “interactive whiteboards” allow teachers to project anything they want to from a computer screen to the children via this large white screen in the front of the room.  While these whiteboards are excellent learning tools, all of them, traditional or interactive, project a large amount of glare at the children focused on the screen.

Children today also spend a lot of time working on computers, exposing them to glare and reflections constantly.  Classroom lighting too, is a perennial source of glare causing headaches and visual fatigue.  When your child is suffering from a headache or tired eyes, he or she simply isn’t focusing on learning. One of the best ways to prevent your children from future eye problems is to get an eye exam for your children.

Keep in mind that your child will benefit from no-glare eye glasses in and out of the classroom. When you visit us at Optix Family Eyecare Center we will make sure that your child’s vision needs come first! To book an appointment with us, you can do this directly here at anytime of the week and take the slot which is most convenient for you.

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