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Snow Days and Subsequent Sun Days | Long Island Eye Doctor

Snow Days and Subsequent Sun Days
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Here we are.  It’s March 2, 2009 and spring is just around the corner.  We can all anticipate the warmth along with the beauty and the smells that come with budding flowers.  Surprise, we are having the biggest snowfall of the winter here in New York.  The children are enjoying their first snow day, as are many of their parents, including the author and staff of Optix Family Eyecare.
As I sit here relaxing on this snowy day, I think about the sunny days that will soon follow and the importance of protecting the eyes of my patients, both young and old.  I know that a wintry day is always followed by extreme sun glare and high ultraviolet light exposure.  Few people realize that the eyes are exposed to potentially damaging ultraviolet light equal to or greater than that of a sunny day at the beach.  It is my duty as an eyecare provider to educate my patients of UV’s harmful effects and offer ways to protect their eyes.

Sunglasses are the primary source of that eye protection.  Lenses must screen out UVA and UVB rays.  Lenses may be tinted or polarized but they all need UV protection.  It is also important to note that a child’s eyes need to be protected as well. Statistics show that 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to harmful ultraviolet light comes in their first 18 years. Parents must be educated so that they can offer eye protection to their children.

At Optix, we offer a wide selection of sunglasses, providing both protection and fashion.  What sets Optix apart from other eyecare providers is not the fact that we have styles from Gucci, Calvin Klein, Tiffany, Bvlgari and others.  What sets us apart is our staff.  Our licensed opticians have over 90 years of combined experience.  Add that to the almost 60 years experience of Dr. Joel Kestenbaum and Dr. Michelle Zalaznick, and you have experts that can act as both educators and patient advocates.  No eye care office on Long Island can boast this expertise.

So next time you’re relaxing on a snowy day, remember that sunny days will follow.  At Optix, we’ll look after your family, one sunny day at a time.

Enjoy your day.
Dr. Joel Kestenbaum


  1. I couldn’t agree more than this !!! excellent article…

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