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Fashion Eyewear Part 1 - Sunglasses | Long Island Eye Doctor

  • On November 25, 2008

Today we have a guest writer by the name of Matthew Geller, a Pre-Optometry student who will be attending SUNY Optometry in August 2009 to get his Doctor of Optometry Degree. Matt will be presenting a four part series on Fashionable Eyewear to let readers all over the world know about the inherent value behind owning a great pair of eye glasses or sunglasses. Sit back, relax and enjoy and if you have any questions, just click the Contact Us Link. We would love to hear from you!

Whether its fall, winter, spring or summer you can walk the streets of your neighborhood and find dozens of people wearing extremely attractive sunglasses. Although it may not be hot outside, the sun sure does shine no matter what the season. Fashionable companies like Bvlgari, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Ray Ban, and Tiffany have been raising the bar when it comes to designing sunglasses that make you look mysterious yet beautiful.


Personally I have seen it all when it comes to buying sunglasses. From the big commercial businesses to outstanding, private practicing optometrists with high quality optical boutiques; there is a wide range of places to get your sunglasses. I have actually been ALL OVER THE WORLD and I have shopped for sunglasses in places like Venice and Milan Italy, Paris and Cannes France, Spain, and even Monaco. That’s right I have seen it all yet I learned one very important thing. Make your investment in a pair of sunglasses with your local independent optometrist that specializes in high quality optical products. Places like Optix Family Eyecare offer service, warranty, quality, and hundreds of frames to pick from. But the most important factor is as follows: the staff of eye wear experts will spend hours and even days with you to make sure you get a pair of sunglasses that was literally created for your face and those beautiful eyes. Unlike large commercial sunglass stores that act as if they were the local grocery store for sunglasses with that “get in, get out” mentality, Optix Family Eyecare is here to spend quality time with you to make sure you leave looking great and feeling confident.

An article written this summer by Ruth La Ferla in the New York Times let the world know about the world of fashionable sunglasses. Ruth sums up what fashion sunglasses are all about by saying how “sunglasses have taken on the allure of shoes, bags and jewelry, as consumers look to coordinate with outfits.” Her point is well understood by readers who understand the value of a great pair of sunglasses and those who are in the business to distribute top of the line eye wear.

Photo By: Joe Fornabaio for The New York Times

Now I believe there are 2 types of sunglasses. There is that pair that you put on, yet you’re not that confident with the way you look, so you are quick to take them off or wear them up on your head. Then there is that pair where you know, 100%, beyond the shadow of a doubt that you look HOT, so you really get maximum use out of your sunglasses, feeling very confident. The latter situation is the pair of sunglasses that YOU want to invest in, the pair that is right for all occasions and the pair that brings out your best physical qualities. It may be hard to find that right pair but trust me, with a little advice from the experts, you can find it.

I can sit here all day and tell you all how important it is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that the sun spits out, literally frying your retinas like an egg in a frying pan. Yet that requires a whole different article and I am here to talk to you about sunglasses and why EVERYONE is beginning to invest in that great looking, fashionable pair.

For the females, designer sunglasses are replacing the expensive handbag and rising to the top of the latter when it comes to sexy accessories. Living my last 4 years on a college campus, I have seen the dramatic rise is girls investing in numerous pairs of attractive sunglasses. During my freshman year the numbers were low but now that I am a pre-optometry student in my senior year I cannot help but to recognize the plethora of unique sunglasses that are making these girls look very stylish. Yet I must shine the light on all age groups seeing as how the right pair of designer sunglasses will make any woman feel confident and look great. I have helped countless women, from 13 years of age to 85, pick out a pair of sunglasses that look so good; the mirrors in the Optix boutique begin to fog up. These individuals leave the store feeling soooo confident that other people in the shopping area can’t help but do a “double take” when they pass by.

For the males, designer sunglasses show that you have true style. Yet guys need to know that they must pick out the right pair of shades that fit the shape of his face correctly. Plain and simple, sunglasses will give a guy that manly and dominant look that will make him look handsome. Besides looking around at your friends and people in any social setting, check out some of Hollywoods finest actors or singers. Guys like Brad Pit and George Clooney know that the right pair of sunglasses makes them stand out and look sharp. Even the best athletes like Tiger Woods wears the freshest pair of Nike’s both to stand out and to play above par when the sun beats down of the green golf course. Plain and simple, sunglasses are a necessity if you are a guy who is in tune with his image and knows what it takes to look good.

Anyone who has worn a great pair of sunglasses can NEVER go back to sunny conditions in the car or walking the street without their shades. This summer I bought a pair of Polarized Prada Sunglasses at Optix Family Eyecare. Now that I have habituated myself to wearing them, I cannot leave the house without my Prada’s. They reduce glare directly from the sun, and they take away all those blinding reflections from cars and street signs that are extremely dangerous when driving.

So come on in to our Plainview location, next to Trader Joes, at 431 South Oyster Bay Rd to pick out a pair of sunglasses that will literally change the way people SEE you!

Tune in next week for the follow up article about specific sunglasses and what’s hot and what’s not!

-Matt Geller


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