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Choosing An Eye Doctor | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

How do you choose your eye doctor?

As a matter of routine I always ask my patients, “How did you find my practice?”

As one might expect I get various answers.
-My friend or neighbor referred me.
-I found you on my vision or insurance plan.
-I shop in the area and saw your sign.
-You’ve been here a long time and I knew you were here.
-I searched the internet and you were the closest to my home or work.

Something that more and more patients are telling me is “I did my research, went to your website, and found out that your office has the latest technology to provide a thorough exam and quality eyeglasses and contact lenses for me and my family.”

Does technology always mean that you are getting an eye doctor with the best bedside manner?
The answer is no…… so ask to interview the doctor.

See if he or she will call you back in a timely manner and answer your important questions.  Usually the office with the latest technology has a doctor and staff that is the most educated and can provide a high quality of eyecare and eyewear.  Remember too, that the doctor and staff’s professional experience is very important when it comes to choosing your eyecare provider.

Has the staff been with the doctor a long time or is there large staff turnover? This alone can tell you about the care and experience you can expect to receive.

Call or visit the office……interview the staff…..get your answers……compare the cleanliness, mood, homey feeling and technology to where you’ve been before and then make an informed decision as to whether you want that office and staff to provide for your eyecare needs.

At Optix, our staff has a minimum of five to 24 years experience with us.

Come visit or call 516-931-6330.
Remember to visit our website at

We look forward to seeing you.
Joel N. Kestenbaum, OD


  1. I could never go to a commercial practice to get my eyes checked. A private doc is the way to go.

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