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The Funny Stuff That Happens When You're an Eye Doctor | Long Island Eye Doctor

The Funny Stuff That Happens When You're an Eye Doctor
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

The Funny Stuff That Happens When You’re an Eye Doctor

Being a Doctor of Optometry encompasses a never ending cycle of social interactions, whether in the exam room, on the phone, or out of the office. I’ve met so many interesting people over the 28 plus years that I have been in practice, and I have seen it all! The laws of statistics hold true in that over a period of time you will confront all possible outcomes, and when it comes to practicing optometry, you will see an array of both good and bad. I have learned to accept it and enjoy the constant social stimulation, but today I bestow upon you some of my experiences.

I’ve taken care of the some true geniuses, and some of the not so bright.
I’ve cared for the cleanest and the dirtiest.
I’ve endured the crazy and the sweet.
I’ve spoken to people who understand everything about eye health and to others who allow information to pass in one ear and out the other.

But what I really enjoy are those people who give the most bizarre answers to the most common of eye examination questions or who just say things that are so silly that I wonder how they even made it to the chair.

So here are some of them. I hope you get a chuckle too.

Q. “Which is better choice 1 or choice 2?”
A. “Yes”

Q. “While looking at the eye chart Mrs. Jones, how far down can you see?”
A. “Where the wall meets the floor.”

Q. “Is the image clearer on the left side or the right side?”
A. “Your left or mine?”

Q. “Do you take any medications?”
A. “No, but the drugs I take make me tired.”

As part of an eye exam we ask the patient to cover their right eye to read the chart….and they do.  Now we ask them to cover the other eye…and they do.  The problem lies with those patients that now have both eyes covered and claim they cannot read the chart.
While looking in my patients eyes with the brightest of lights I ask them to look at the light.  And what do they do?  They look up to the ceiling lighting fixture that is completely off.  What’s that about?

A contact lens wearer returns the day after being fit with the contact lens and claims the lenses are no good.  She cannot see with the lenses. Well of course not when you put two contacts in the same eye the vision is bound to be a little off.

I don’t know how I got on these various topics of conversation with patients but here are two of the bizarre things that people come up with:

We were speaking about the Dalai Lama and a patient says to me, “Wasn’t Dolly a sheep that was cloned?”
Another asked me if my grandparents had children?

Being an eyecare professional has its interesting moments, all of which I encourage and love regardless of good or bad.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of mine and I’ve brought a smile to your face.  If you have any of your own funny moments to share, please add to our blog.

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