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The Value Of Eyewear | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

The Value of Eyewear

What determines the value of an eyeglass or sunglass frame?

The value of an eyeglass frame is determined by many factors, most important of which is the material from which it is made, the engineering in the design, the quality, and the workmanship.

Does it fit the way it was intended?
Is it the correct choice of frame for your specific prescription lenses?

Eyeglass frame materials include zyl, monel, flexon, stainless steel, titanium, wood, aluminum, silver, gold and more.  Many thousands of dollars go into the design, engineering, color choices, production, and distribution of all of the frames a consumer sees at their optical shop.   It takes months and sometimes years to go from the initial concept of what a frame may look and feel like to its actual production.

Style is an obvious factor in a frames value.  We are very fortunate to have choices today such as designer frames.  Years ago when I got my first pair of glasses I had a choice of black or brown, gold or silver.  Today, the variety of styles, colors, materials, weight, cosmetic appeal, and designer lines can be overwhelming to the consumer.

Does value mean free?  Some of the very basic frames that are given away free with the purchase of lenses can cost the optician just a few dollars but others can cost hundreds.  One of my pet peeves is a union plan offering free frames for union members.  These frames are usually of inferior quality and workmanship.  Unfortunately, many consumers think they are getting value because the frame is free.  This is not value…..this is free.  Too often, these frames are returned broken and the consumer is upset that they were inconvenienced.

Q. When is a union frame of value?
A. The answer is when you can use the “value” of that frame as a discount to purchase one of better quality.

With value, the frame is guaranteed not to fade, pit, peal or break under normal wear and tear.  The frame should look and feel the same a year from the time you purchase it.  It should have at least a one-year guarantee against manufacturers defects.

When choosing an optometrist or optician, ask if eyeglass adjustments are free of charge.  Ask your optical shop if they are licensed.  New York State requires a licensed optician or optometrist to be on premises for your protection.

Remember, value is not always free or cheap.  Value is the total package of quality and ongoing service.  For the best in value, consider Optix Family Eyecare Center for your next eyewear experience.  Visit us at

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