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See Well, Feel Well, and Look Good | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

optix-contact-lensesSee well, feel good, and look good. 
Which contact lens is best for you?

These are not the three stooges.  These are the three requirements that contact lens wearers should be aware of at all times.

Most people choose to wear contact lenses for cosmetic reasons while others choose them for use in sports or work environments.  As an optometrist, I am always counseling my patients in the safe use of contact lenses. I am constantly asked if contact lenses are safe to sleep in. The answer is yes and no.  It depends on the material that the contact lens is made from and how much oxygen the contact lens delivers to the eyes.  There are three basic types of contact lenses, soft, gas permeable, and hybrid (a combination soft and gas permeable).  Within each type there are many different materials.

For instance, soft contact lenses may all look alike, however they can be very different.focal point contact lens

-Some provide more oxygen to the eye, some do not provide enough. 
-Some absorb more water, some less. 
-Some are easier to handle, some less.
-Some may feel wetter on the eye and some may dry more quickly. 
-Some protect the eyes from UV rays, some do not. 
-Some may correct astigmatism better than others.
-Some provide better vision for those in need of bifocals, some do not.

The lens that is the best for you should be determined by your eye doctor and not by consumer driven commercials for contact lenses.

I have a saying…

“I love my contact lens patients but I want to see them as little as possible.”

What do I mean by that?  I attempt to fit my patients with contact lenses that will keep their eyes in a healthy state.  They should see well, look good and the contacts should feel good. In my opinion, daily disposable or single use contact lenses are the safest lenses a person can wear.  They are fresh each time they are worn, rarely get any type of build-up of mucous or other debris on the lens, and are never exposed to the chemical cleaners and preservatives that can cause eye irritation.  These lenses are the only type approved by the FDA for patients with seasonal allergies. Rarely does a patient who wears daily disposable contact lenses call my office with a red eye emergency.

Two week and monthly replacement lenses are also available for daily use but need to be cleaned with a chemical disinfectant and replaced on a schedule advised by your doctor.  The problem is that most wearers forget to replace their lenses on the recommended schedule and many call the office with red, irritated eyes as a result.  These contact lens wearers tend to be the worst abusers of contact lenses. optix family eyecare

Certain contact lenses may be worn overnight and some for up to 30 consecutive days.  Extended wear of contact lenses means extended care.  As a general rule, the longer the lenses are in your eyes, the greater the risk of infections like pink eye and corneal ulcers.  These conditions often require extended medical treatment and preclude the use of contact lenses for extended periods of time.  The extended-wear patient must constantly be aware of how their eyes look in a mirror, how the lens feels, and how they are seeing with them. Lubricating eye drops should be placed in the eyes for rewetting and cleaning the lenses at least two to four times per day. They require a lot of monitoring to maintain proper eye health.

So you see, the easiest and safest lenses are daily disposable.  They will keep your eyes looking good, seeing well and feeling their best.

For more information, call Optix Family Eyecare Center at (516)-931-6330 or you may visit our website

-Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

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