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A Vision of Autumn

October 3, 2014 |

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England.  This is what I think about when autumn arrives and my wife and I are considering taking a fall foliage tour.  The dazzling colors can be breathtaking.  Every year I meet a … Read More

Developing Cataracts

August 4, 2014 |

A common concern for our patients is the development of cataracts.

A cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eyeball. The most common type of cataract develops slowly over time. Given enough time, each and every one of … Read More

Declutter Your Home—Provide Clear Sight To Those In Need

July 9, 2014 |


More and more families are living together longer or reuniting to live under one roof after many years.  Children grow up and leave the roost and then they return (boomerang generation).  Parents get older and can no longer … Read More

Vitamins for Your Eyes, How do they work?

June 18, 2014 |

Most people understand that multivitamins help our body perform its function better by supplementing what we normally consume whether it is through food, or natural means like the sun.  Not as many people know what eye vitamins do for their … Read More

Unexpected Vision Changes of Your Aging Eyes

June 4, 2014 |

The eyes are very important as we all know and we heavily rely on them to do everyday things.  It is no wonder that people often become nervous if they experience changes in their vision.  There are a few … Read More

False eyelashes add length- but are they safe?

May 23, 2014 |

All the celebrities do it! Every woman wants to have long beautiful eyelashes. But wearing these false eyelashes should come with a warning. False eyelashes can cause irritations and infections in the eyes. The eyelashes are attached with a formaldehyde … Read More

Considering LASIK Eye Surgery, here are the updates

May 16, 2014 |

Eye surgery for the correction of nearsightedness (myopia) is a common elective correction for the eyes.  Here are the updates, and answers to the most common questions.

LASIK is the most popular form of refractive surgery today.  It stands for … Read More

Applying Make-up While Driving. A Dangerous Situation

April 30, 2014 |

While I was driving to the gym this morning, I noticed the woman in the car in front of me. She had her visor down and mirror light on the whole time I was following her. I knew she was … Read More

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