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Eye Fatigue from Computer Use in Contact Lens Wearers

December 19, 2014 |

Many people spend a majority of their day either in front of a computer or using a cell phone or handheld device. This can cause signs of ocular fatigue. Some of these symptoms include red eyes, dry eyes, blurry vision … Read More

Is your contact lens solution really disinfecting your lenses?

June 25, 2014 |

In 2007, there was an outbreak of serious eye infections in soft lens wearers. The cause of this outbreak, according to the FDA, was some multi-purpose solutions. The FDA also identified other reasons multi- purpose solutions would not effectively disinfect reusable … Read More

The Revival of the Colored Contact Lenses

May 28, 2014 |

In many healthcare fields there is an overlap of medical and cosmetic services,  for example, dentistry is a medical service, but in it includes whitening services.  In optometry we have the overlap in contact lenses for treatment of corneal disease, to … Read More

Sleep in special molding lenses and wake up seeing clear!

May 2, 2014 |

What if your eye doctor gave you permission to sleep in lenses?  What if you could wake up in the morning and see everything clearly?  What if you didn’t have to worry about glasses/contact lenses while you … Read More

The Worst Ideas For Your Eyes

February 28, 2014 |

I was watching a late night television show and there was a feature titled “Worse Ideas”. That made me think about some of the worse ideas I have heard about people’s eyes!

1. Re-wearing 1-day Contact lenses.  These … Read More

New Eye Imaging Technology

February 12, 2014 |

It is amazing how much technology has improved in the past few years!  This has allowed us as doctors to diagnose cornea, retina, and other ocular disease much earlier, and more accurately than ever before!  All of these equals saving … Read More

Contact Lenses in Pregnancy

February 5, 2014 |

Wearing contact lenses during pregnancy is safe. Of course, women should have a complete eye examination before or during their pregnancy.  During pregnancy there are many changes that occur to the women’s body that can affect the ability … Read More

Are you extending the wear of your contact lenses?

January 22, 2014 |

I recently had a patient who complained that her contact lenses would bother her after only few hours or wear.  She was confused why this happened, especially since she only wore her contact lenses for sports and special events.

I … Read More

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