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Jason's Optometry experience at Optix | Long Island Eye Doctor

Jason’s Experience at Optix
Meghan Schiffer, OD

Jason, a student at Butler University, is interested in pursuing a career in optometry. He has been shadowing the doctors at Optix Family Eyecare over the past few weeks to get a better insight into the profession. We’ve asked him to write a few sentences about his optometry experience so far. We are happy to have him. He has a bright future ahead of him!

Coming into the Optix office for the first time, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I wasn’t from the area, I didn’t know anyone working there, and I had very little experience with optometry.  But after my first two weeks, I feel so much more comfortable about my entire situation.  Everyone at the office is extremely kind and welcoming.  No question goes unanswered.  The amount of information I have learned the past couple of days goes far beyond just reading about the stuff.  Spending time in this office and with the Optix team has greatly influenced my appreciation for what they do.

Jason's Optometry Experience

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