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What to Expect at Optix - Part Four | Long Island Eye Doctor

What to Expect at Optix – Part Four
Jan Axelrod

The Manufacture of Eyeglasses

Consumers don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes when making a pair of eyeglasses. Every pair is custom made. That means accurate measurements are essential. These measurements are taken by an optician and are specific for every patient, every frame, and every pair of lenses. The following are the steps taken by our professional team in order to ensure that your vision prescription is processed properly and that you receive the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

  • Our team analyzes your prescription.
  • A frame is chosen.
  • The order is entered into our data entry system.
  • The order is emailed, faxed, or dictated to our lab for processing of the lenses and the frame is ordered.
  • A completed pair of glasses is received from the outside lab (protocol for most vision plans) and it is checked for accuracy by our New York State licensed opticians or…
  • A pair of lenses is received from our lab and must be cut to fit the frame by our optician in our lab and then checked for accuracy.

All eyeglasses must pass inspection before being passed on to the patient.  Inspection includes:

  • Making sure the prescription is accurate and the initial measurements are perfect.
  • Assuring that the type of lens ordered is correct with all coatings and treatments.
  • Checking that there are no scratches or marks on the lenses.
  • Cleaning the frame and lenses.
  • The frame is pre-aligned.
  • Placing the completed eyeglasses in a case with a cleaning cloth.
  • Notifying the patient.
  • Placing the eyeglasses in a holding bin awaiting pickup.

There is a lot involved in running an efficient lab.  Being organized is paramount.  At Optix Family Eyecare, we take pride in our workmanship.   Thank you for choosing Optix for your eye care and eyewear.

Jan Axelrod, Licensed Optician

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