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Do You Have Trouble Driving at Night? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Do You Have Trouble Driving at Night?
Meghan Schiffer, OD

A common complaint from many patients is increased difficulty with night vision. This problem is often intensified when driving at night. Glare from oncoming headlights can make night driving very troublesome. There are several reasons that night vision may become problematic to our patients.

Some reasons include:
Needing a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, OR needing an updated prescription – Even the smallest prescription can improve symptoms of blur or glare when driving. Some patients use a separate set of prescription glasses just for driving in the car. Additionally, many patients may not realize a change in current prescription is needed. However this can often improve poor night vision.

Early or progressing cataracts – For our older patients, glare from headlights is often the earliest sign of developing cataracts. The clouding of the intraocular lens scatters more light and causes blurry vision, decreased contrast, and halos around lights.

Large pupils in young patients or small pupils in older patients – In young patients with large pupils, light is more likely to scatter instead of being focused on the central retina. Pupil size decreases over time. In older patients, there is less light entering the eye. Small pupils in combination with developing cataracts often causes increased symptoms of glare and decreased night vision.


Dr. Meghan Schiffer


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