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Danger Lurks In The Abundant Blue Light | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Recently we took a flight
Above the clouds the sky was bright
The clouds below are always a beautiful sight
But danger lurks in the abundant blue light

It’s always good to get away
From the rigors of our every day-to-day
To have some fun and rest and play
“We’re hoping for lots of sun,” our kids would say

As parents we insist on sunglasses that block UV
And now we know blocking blue light is also important, you see
The eyes are precious and we only have two
We must protect them with anything we can do

Most at risk is our next generation
For you see the blue light is all around us in our nation
LED bulbs, smart phones and all the sleek automation
Is going to increase the chances of macular degeneration

Suddenly we are being made aware
Of the dangers that have always been outdoors in the air
We are learning from scientists who are willing to now share
That we must protect our eyes and that we must care

I for one am embracing these warnings
And put on my BluTech lenses every morning
They enhance my vision by reducing the glare
And protect my eyes from future despair

Technology has changed but it’s not all right
We now have a threat in the night
To our very precious sense that is our sight
Danger lurks in the abundant blue light

Protect your eyes…….  Ask your eye doctor or give us a call
Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

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