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Change Your Eye Color for a New Look This Fall! | Long Island Eye Doctor

Michelle Zalaznick, OD

It’s time to change the clocks and the leaves are starting to change colors, so why not change your look with colored contact lenses? Colored contacts can alter eye color in varying degrees.  An enhancement tint is see through and will make light colored eyes a little darker and can add detail to the iris that makes the eye color stand out. An opaque tint is not see through and will change a darker colored eye. The eye color can be changed a little or drastically. There are even custom tinted contact lenses made specifically for athletes to reduce glare, increase contrast sensitivity and depth perception. Colored contacts are available for people who do not need corrective vision and also for people who need corrective lenses for myopia and hyperopia. They are very comfortable and easy to use with the proper training. Colored contact lenses are considered a medical device by the FDA and must be fit by a professional who will evaluate the health and wellness of the eye.

Dr. Michelle Zalaznick

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