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Where Is Dr. Kestenbaum? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Where Is Dr. Kestenbaum?
Judy Kestenbaum

As many of you already know, Dr. Kestenbaum, after 30 years of practice, has decided to retire from patient care.  Being that I am still working at Optix, I entertain many questions about his decision.  The first question is “Is he ok?”  It is actually quite nice to hear that so many of his patients are concerned about him.  He has always taken a great interest in his patients, assuring that their eyes are healthy, their vision is optimized, and took the time to discuss the most current optical products available for their specific needs.  And to answer that question…. “Yes he is healthy.”

The next question usually is “What does he do with all of his time?”  To begin with he still has an active role at Optix as the Optometric Medical Director.  Dr. Kestenbaum and Evan, our son, both make sure that the high standards at Optix are maintained.  They, along with the associate doctors and staff, stay current with all the latest medical and vision technology to ensure patients are accurately diagnosed and treated for any eye disease and/or vision issues.  And of course through me and Evan, Dr. Kestenbaum is made aware of everything that is taking place at Optix on a daily basis.

To fill his time, both Dr. Kestenbaum and myself are also trying to give back by volunteering our time and finding ways we can help those in need.  Last year, we donated over 500 pairs of eyeglasses to an organization called VOSH to be distributed to the needy in third world countries.  Just recently, Dr. Kestenbaum and I volunteered in a VSP Mobile Eye Clinic in Smithtown, NY.  While I did the pre-testing and brief history, Dr. Kestenbaum did the eye examinations for underserved patients.  It was really heartwarming to see how appreciative all the patients were.

Dr. Kestenbaum and I would like to continue volunteering our time along with donating eyeglasses for those in need.

Lastly, to answer the question, “What does he do with his spare time?”  Anyone who knows him will know………….He golfs.

Thank you for choosing Optix for all of your eye care.

Judy Kestenbaum, Optician

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