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Contact Lens Solution - Disinfectant? | Optix Family Eyecare Blog

Is your contact lens solution really disinfecting your lenses?
Michelle Zalaznick, OD

In 2007, there was an outbreak of serious eye infections in soft lens wearers. The cause of this outbreak, according to the FDA, was some multi-purpose solutions. The FDA also identified other reasons multi- purpose solutions would not effectively disinfect reusable soft contact lenses. Patients’ failure to follow manufacturers instructions to properly disinfect the lenses was a major cause of eye infections. One example of this behavior is the “topping off” of the solution in the contact lens case. This means instead of throwing out the solution in the case each day, patients just use the old solution and fill the case to the top with new solution. Manufacturers instructions say to empty the case and air dry each day. “topping off” gives bacteria a chance to grow and puts the person at risk for a serious infection. The safest and easiest mode of contact lens wear is still one day disposables. But if reusable contacts are preferred, fresh contact lens solution should be used each day to properly disinfect the lenses.

Always consult your eye care provider regarding the appropriate cleaning solution for you, and be sure to follow the directions carefully. Book your appointment for contact lens exams and general eye care by the top optometrists of Long Island!

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