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The Revival of the Colored Contact Lenses | Long Island Eye Doctor

The Revival of the Colored Contact Lenses
Dr. Amy Chang

In many healthcare fields there is an overlap of medical and cosmetic services,  for example, dentistry is a medical service, but in it includes whitening services.  In optometry we have the overlap in contact lenses for treatment of corneal disease, to contact lenses to be free from wearing glasses, and lastly to colored contact lenses.

Because it is considered to be a cosmetic service, there hasn’t been as much advancement in the colored contact lens technology as there has been with clear contact lenses.  This makes it a challenge for us as eye care providers to fit them, because we want to give the patients what they want, but at the same time want to fit them with the most healthy and comfortable lens (which colored lenses are not)

This is why I am excited that in a month Alcon will be releasing new colored contact lenses with Air Optix Technology,  This will be a much healthier option for colored contact lenses than ever before!

Just to give you an idea of how much better these contact lenses are for you, the Dk/t value represents the ability of the lens to allow oxygen to enter your eyes,  the Dk/t value of the older color contact lenses were 16,  the new Air Optix Colors is 110! more than 600% more!  In addition the contact lens has a plasma coating which allows for better comfort.

I have personally tried on these contact lenses in hazel, and I love the comfort and how natural the color looks!  So if you have ever considered trying out colored lenses, this is the time!


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