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False eyelashes add length- but are they safe? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Michelle Zalaznick, OD

All the celebrities do it! Every woman wants to have long beautiful eyelashes. But wearing these false eyelashes should come with a warning. False eyelashes can cause irritations and infections in the eyes. The eyelashes are attached with a formaldehyde based glue. Many people can have allergic reactions to the glue or the solvents needed to remove the false lashes. This can cause red, puffy eyelids. The eyelashes can trap dirt and bacteria. This can cause an infection of the eyelids that needs to be treated with an antibiotic. Wearing false eyelashes can also cause permanent damage to natural eyelashes. Some warning signs to be aware of are pain, discharge, swelling, redness, sensitivity to light and a foreign body feeling. If these occur see your eyecare professional immediately.

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