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Vitamins and how it may prevent your eyes from getting worse! | Long Island Eye Doctor

Vitamins and how it may prevent your eyes from getting worse!
Dr. Amy Chang

Many people ask me : are there any lifestyle or nutrition habits that I can do to prevent my child’s eyes from getting worse?

The answer used to be “not really”,  but now research is saying that there may be a way to prevent the development of myopia (nearsighted) or it’s progression!

New research is suggesting that a higher concentration of Vitamin D in the blood stream can preserve the muscle in the eye responsible for growing with the eye.  In simpler terms, the child becomes more nearsighted as the muscle stops “stretching” to match the growing eye.

Now this research needs to be taken with a grain of salt because there are many other strong theories with why there is myopia progression in children, but this research makes “sense”

We tend to associate bookworms and introverted children with glasses, with being nearsighted.  These children tend to stay indoors and therefore have less exposure to the sun (how Vitamin D is absorbed)  On the other hand, children who tend to play outside, tend to be less nearsighted, and according to this theory, the reason is because they have higher levels of Vitamin D in their bloodstream,  and again Vitamin D is absorbed by the skin through sun exposure.


I believe that a good recommendation is for all children to participate in 30 minutes of outdoor activities every day.  This has several benefits which include healthier lifestyle, prevention of obesity and diabetes in children, encourages creativity in children – taking them away from a TV, computer, phone “screen”  and lastly, and more recently research may prevent the development or progression of myopia.

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