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How Vision Therapy Can Help Our Kids from Failing in School | Long Island Eye Doctor

How Vision Therapy Can Help Our Kids from Failing in School
Dr. Amy Chang

School age children have much more pressure to succeed in school these days.  Standardized tests are now part of a daily reality and it is not unusual for children even in elementary school to have hours of reading and homework to do.  It cannot be stated enough that reading/near work is a only a very recent change in the history of humans and the fact is that strong eye coordination and eye focusing skills are not part of the skills that was necessary for survival 1000 years ago or even 200 years ago.  If you take this fact into account, it is really of little surprise that studies show about 25% of the general population have an eye focusing and coordination problem, and it has a very strong genetic link.

Child_Classroom_OptixAlthough having eye coordination, and eye focusing problems are not  physical disabilities, for  school age children this puts them at significant disadvantage compared to their other classmates which maybe able to read faster, and in turn learn faster than them.  Very often these children are mislabeled as learning disabled, ADD, or even worse-lazy.  It is heartbreaking for a parent to see their child,who they know are very smart, struggle.

Vision Therapy can transform a child’s life.  Through vision therapy the child can resolve their visual deficiencies and develop the ability to read with ease and finally be able to read to learn, instead of struggling to learn how to read-  this is a major distinction.  Vision Therapy is not quick and easy, it takes a lot of time and dedication on the part of the child and the parent but when completed the results are outstanding.

If your child is struggling in school and you haven’t been able to find out a definitive reason why, it may be visual!  The next step is to schedule an appointment with a developmental optometrist.

Amy Chang, OD, FAAO

Developmental Optometrist

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