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Applying Make-up While Driving. A Dangerous Situation | Long Island Eye Doctor

Applying Make-up While Driving. A Dangerous Situation
Michelle Zalaznick, OD

While I was driving to the gym this morning, I noticed the woman in the car in front of me. She had her visor down and mirror light on the whole time I was following her. I knew she was applying make-up while she was driving. She was not paying attention to her surroundings. At a light, she was starring into the mirror instead of checking the traffic light. She was making me late for my class and possibly creating a dangerous situation for all of us.

According to, more than 3000 people were killed in car accidents in 2011  because they were not paying attention while driving. Applying make-up while driving can slow down your reaction time if you need to stop quickly. If looking in the visor mirror, part of your field of vision is being blocked in front of you. Some women use their rear view mirror to apply make-up. This will decrease peripheral vision and the driver will be less likely to see what’s going on behind them. The most obvious reason for not putting make-up on while driving is the risk of injury to the eye. Having a mascara wand stuck in the eye can cause a painful corneal abrasion and possible loss of vision.


Take a few extra minutes before you leave your house and apply your make-up at home.

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