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Do you know how old the mascara is in your make up bag? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Do you know how old the mascara is in your make up bag?
Suchi Matalia, OD


…Do you remember when you first opened it?  How often do you replace your mascara?

Let’s face it…good mascara isn’t cheap, and you want to use every single bit of it until it’s completely done.  Right?

WRONG!  You should replace your mascara every 3 months!

Out of all your makeup, mascara probably has the shortest life span.  Our eyelashes have natural bacteria on them, so when we put on mascara, bacteria gets onto the bristles of the wand, which then transfers into the tube of mascara.  Over time, it’s very easy for the bacteria to multiply in the dark, moist environment in the tube.

 Additionally, if the mascara starts to dry up before 90 days, it’s time to throw it out right away! Also, don’t forget to throw it out after an eye infection!  And never, ever, share mascara with others!

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