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Have cataracts? But not ready for cataract surgery? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Have cataracts?  But not ready for cataract surgery?
Suchi Matalia, OD

Cataracts is when the lens of your eyes becomes yellow, distorted, and/or cloudy.  It can affect your eyes in different ways.  There are different causes  cataracts, such as medicine or medical conditions, but many times cataracts is a normal, aging process that happens to almost everyone who lives long enough.  Not everyone with cataracts is ready for surgery.  If surgery isn’t the answer for you, here are some ways on how to deal with cataracts –

  1.  Keep you vision correction updated –  Cataracts affects your vision, and can alter your prescription quickly.  It’s important to have regular eye exams and to keep your glasses and/or contacts prescription updated so you have the best corrected vision to see.
  1. Anti-glare/Anti-reflective lenses – Glare, especially at night time, is a symptom most people with cataracts experience.  Having these Ultra Clear lenses will reduce glare and provide you with clear vision in all sorts of situations, including driving, watching TV, or working under florescent lighting.
  2. Wearing sunglasses – One of the major causes of cataracts is UV damage.  It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun rays, no matter what season it is out there.  Sunglasses can reduce the progression of cataracts.  Sunglasses not only protect the lens of the eye, but also other structures in and around the eye.
  3. Use lots of light – Because cataracts interfere with your vision, it doesn’t allow light to travel to the retina as easily.  Using lots of light, especially when reading or doing other near work, will be less straining to your eyes.   A magnifying glass may help when reading also.
  4. No smoking! – It’s never too late to quit!  Not only does smoking negatively affect the cataracts, but you are more likely to have lung disease, cancer, and other health problems.

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