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May is Healthy Vision Month | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

The National Eye Institute (NEI) of the National Institutes of Health designated May as Healthy Vision Month in 2013.  The National Institute of Health is part of the United Sates Department of Health and Human Services.

According to the NEI, there are millions of people in the United States who currently have undetected vision problems and eye diseases and conditions. Health Vision Month is meant to help show the people of the United States that vision should be an important health priority.  This includes the detection and treatment of eye problems as well as the practice of proper eye safety.  These measures will keep Americans’ eyes safe and healthy and will prevent blindness.

Eye Exams

Every American should schedule a comprehensive dilated vision exam.  This is an exam in which your optometrist will examine your eyes to check for vision problems and eye diseases.  There are many eye diseases which have no warning signs so that unless his or her eyes are examined, someone suffering from the disease will have no idea that the disease is present until it is quite advanced and vision loss may have already occurred.  It is possible to prevent blindness simply by having a dilated vision exam .

What is a Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exam?

This procedure is painless and allows your optometrist to check for vision and eye health problems. This examination includes:

  • Dilation: This is when drops are placed in the eyes which cause the pupils

to dilate or get wider.  Your eye doctor will then use a special lens to look at your retina, which is at the back of your eye, for any damage or eye problems.  When your pupils are dilated your optometrist will also be able to observe your optic nerve to see if there is any damage which might indicate glaucoma.  Once your eyes are dilated your vision will be a blurry for a few hours but it will then return to normal.

  • Tonometry: This is the test that your optometrist uses to measure the pressure in your eye.  Eye pressure that is elevated may be a sign of glaucoma, a silent eye disease that may lead to blindness.  To measure pressure, either a very quick puff of air will be directed at the eye or a pressure-sensitive tool will be put near or on your eye.  Your optometrist may apply numbing drops to the eye for this test.
  • Visual Field Test: This procedure measures peripheral vision, or side vision. If you have lost any of the vision out of the sides of your eyes it may be a sign of glaucoma.
  • A Visual Acuity Test: This is the test which uses an eye chart so that your optometrist can see how well you see at different distances.

These tests are all painless and done in the comfort of your Long Island Optometrist’s office . To make an appointment for your Comprehensive Dilated Vision Exam click here: or call Optix Family Eyecare Center at 516-931-6330.

Don’t forget that May is Healthy Vision Month.  Schedule your next eye exam today!

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