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What Are Your Options? | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

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It’s that wonderful time in your life and your son or daughter is getting married.  You decide that since you have a year or so before the wedding that you’ll join a gym and actually go three or four times a week.  In addition, you decided that your diet starts today.

You are going to look your best in that dress so your friends and relatives can make those fantastic comments that make you feel so good.  Along with that beautiful dress you will look great with the three inch heeled shoes to match.  The makeup will be perfect and of course the hair will be styled to perfection on the day of the wedding.

But what about those ugly eyeglasses you’ve been wearing for the past five years?  Isn’t it time for a change?  Perhaps you’ll get your eyes examined first.  Perhaps your eye doctor will suggest contact lenses or Laser Vision Correction (LASIK).   You are thinking that’s not really possible because you have astigmatism and you wear bifocals or progressive lenses.  But alas it is possible.  Today’s technology does allow for people in their forties, fifties and older to wear contact lenses and to have LASIK.

Even if it is only for the special occasion in your life or for the weekend wear, contact lenses are available even for the most complicated prescriptions.  Soft contact lenses are comfortable enough to be worn every day or just whenever.   If you want to morph completely into someone you have always dreamed to be, make sure your eye doctor is a contact lens specialist so that you will be fitted with the most up-to-date contact lenses that are just right for you.

So if contacts are not for you, what else can you do?  There are always beautiful eyeglass styles that can suit your needs.  From Tiffany to Prada to Bvlgari, styles are available to complement your best features.  Your photographer will insist on non-glare or anti-reflective eyeglass lenses.  These are essential for photographs and will ultimately give you your best vision.

So why not do yourself a favor?  Lose weight, exercise, buy the beautiful dress and shoes, and have your eyes examined so you can see optimally at your child’s wedding.  You’ll be glad you did.


Dr. Joel Kestenbaum



  1. The amount of options for vision correction today is so wonderful. There is nearly a solution for just about anyone!

  2. Yes that is the beauty of having so many modern technologies to choose from. The wide selection or options we have to be corrected from our vision give us so much hope and strength. But my only wish is that health care should not be very expensive so that everybody have access to all the modern medical technologies.

  3. Thomas M

    This is definitely the way to explain the importance of a routine eye exam and how beneficial could be to have LASIK eye surgery
    Nice post I really enjoy it.
    Best Regards

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