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Happy New Year! | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

What’s Your 2010 New Years Resolution?

New Years 2010 is upon us.  It’s not only the end of a tumultuous decade; it’s the beginning of a new one.  I for one have a lot to look forward to in this next decade.  It is my feeling that my visions will only be achieved if I set goals for myself.

As a baby boomer, good health is at the top of my list.  So I resolve to eat better, exercise more, and attempt to reduce as much stress in my life as possible.

As a husband married almost 30 years, special time with my wife is up near the top too.  So I resolve to take more time off to spend more quality time with my wife Judy.

As a father of two grown sons, more quality time is needed there too.

As an optometrist in practice 30 years, I resolve to continue to provide the quality of care that I have provided in the first 30 years of practice…….and better.

As a business owner and person in charge of a terrific staff, I resolve to be a role model, educator and compassionate leader while promoting a rewarding work environment.

As a person, I resolve to be a good friend and neighbor, increase my charitable contributions, to smile and to be HAPPY.

So what is your New Year’s Resolution for 2010?


Dr. Joel Kestenbaum


  1. Same to you Dr. Kestenbaum. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while. Best regards.

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