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3 Tips That Will Help You Get Into Optometry School | Long Island Eye Doctor

  • On August 12, 2009

By: SUNY Optometry 2013 Student – Matt Geller

  1. Learn How To Express That Optometry Is Your Passion:
    There is nothing more desirable to an optometry school admissions panel than for you to be passionate about optometry. The biggest question in the minds of these distinguished individuals is “Is this person dedicated to optometry? Do they truly want this as their career?” If you are able to genuinely dictate that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF then you have a true advantage over other students. Why is this so important? – Because an admissions panel knows that if optometry is your only option then you will go to great lengths to become a successful OD. Things like studying, passing classes, and passing the board exam are simple tasks in relation to the big picture. They know that a person with a passion and a goal cannot be taken off their purpose.
  2. Build Credibility:
    As discussed previously the Optometry school admissions department wants to know that Optometry is your passion and your true career choice. Well we all know, actions speak louder then words. Expressing your love and dedication to Optometry will only get you so far up the ladder. Schools want to see that your actions are in alignment with your words. So you need to have a well-detailed list of all your involvements in the field of Optometry and have a reason for why they have made you an exceptional pre-optometry student and why they will make you a great OD. Be able to articulate this clearly in a way that shows that your actions are direct indicators that Optometry is for you.
  3. Get Involved With An Optometrist:
    This can be anything from shadowing an optometrist to taking one out for lunch. It could involve e-mailing them, posting on optometry online forums, and even going to trade shows or seminars. In all of these situations Optometry Doctors are present and are more then willing to provide you with enlightening information. You should easily be able to shadow 5-10 doctors in all different fields of Optometry. Take notes on your interaction and bring them with you to your school interviews, not to read every last detail to the staff but as a reference to your organization and dedication. If you are lucky, a private practicing Optometrist will enjoy your dedication and your thirst for knowledge and take you under their wing and can quite possible provide you with future employment. At the very least, an OD will write you a letter of recommendation that you can add to your portfolio.

Stay focused and continue to innovate! Check back for another article soon and bookmark this blog for more great information.

-Matt Geller


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