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When It Comes To Eyewear, You Get What You Pay For | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

We all know the economy has been on everyone’s mind, yet there are some things we still need to spend money on: comfortable shoes and quality eyewear, for example.

I learned years ago that a good pair of shoes helps me to feel sound all day.  When my feet hurt, it is hard for me to concentrate on my daily activities.  As a twenty five year old, I used to wear Thom McCann shoes.  They were cheap and looked ok.  One day I couldn’t stand the discomfort and decided to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes from an upscale shoe store.  The comfort was incredible.  From that day on, I have always invested in my feet.

In my opinion, the same concept that applies to shoes, applies to vision and eyewear.  As an optometrist married to an optician, I am intricately involved with my patient’s visual well being.  Over the years I have listened to my patients complaining about their eyes and vision and have seen many people wearing poor quality eyeglasses.  Headaches, eyestrain, tired and red eyes and marks on the nose are just a few of the complaints.

In my office, my staff and I work hard to educate our patients in the importance of maintaining not only clear, but comfortable vision.  We have come to the conclusion that people need to put their priorities in order.  Most people don’t understand that not all lenses are the same and frames are not just pieces of plastic or metal.  More importantly, the opticians that fabricate eyeglasses and the equipment they use can make an extreme difference in the visual outcome.

Think about these facts.

  1. What is one of the first things that someone sees when he or she meets you?  The answer is your eyeglasses.
  2. If you wear eyeglasses every day, should they be comfortable to wear?  I think so.  There are many eyeglass materials that are light weight and are guaranteed to hold up to perspiration without pitting.  If you can, choose quality over price…. Remember, you wear these eyeglasses every day.
  3. Should eyeglasses provide clear vision?  The answer is definitely yes.  So why if non-glare or non-reflective lenses are available in every prescription, do 50% of patients choose older technology lenses that have less than perfect optical quality?  I have a hard time understanding this.
  4. Since eyeglasses are both a visual aid and a cosmetic statement, why do people wear the same pair of eyeglasses every day?  I don’t wear the same shirt, shoes or pants every day.  So why should I wear the same eyeglasses every day?  Should a person have a wardrobe of these?  I think so.  Fashion eyewear, work glasses, sports glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses are all available.  Why wear the same eyewear every day?

At Optix, we invest in our staff as an investment to our patients.  We’ve invested thousands of dollars in sophisticated equipment to ensure that eyeglasses are fabricated to exact specifications.  We use only the finest quality lenses and recommend only high quality non-glare technology.  The frames we recommend are not only fashionable but also comfortable.  And they don’t have to be expensive.

In today’s battered economy, the best investment you can make is in something that makes you see well, look good and feel like a million bucks.  At Optix, it is our goal to give our patients the best eyewear they’ve ever had and support their purchase with excellent service.   Please come see us.

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum and the Optix staff.

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