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Great Employees Make A Great Practice | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Great Employees Make A Great Practice

(Top Row: Judy Kestenbaum, Jan Axelrod, Cathy Brandwein, Gilma Mejia)
(Bottom Row:
Jack Lawless, Eileen Rosen, Sharon Sutker, Dr. Michelle Zalaznick)

Anyone who runs a business knows that employees are the backbone.  Practicing optometry at Optix almost 25 years, I have been lucky enough to see very few employees leave for other employment.  I guess I was smart enough to hire good people and those good people have stayed with me to help build our eyecare practice.

My longest employee, Jack Lawless is also a close friend.  Jack now spends the winter in Florida and returns to Optix for the balance of the year.  He is a true people person and has helped shape our practice to what it is today.  Eileen Rosen has also been an integral part of our Optix family for over 20 years.  It is nice to know that people enjoy their working environment.  It tells me a lot about myself and about the atmosphere we’ve created for our patients in the office.

How long have the others worked at Optix?
–    My wife Judy, over 15 years.
–    Gilma Mejia over 7 years.
–    Jan Axelrod and Sharon Sutker, over 6 years.
–    Evan Kestenbaum, 3 years
–    Cathy Brandwein almost 2 years

I am proud to call those who are not family, my friends.  I am proud to say that each loves working with our wonderful patients and has made Optix their second home.

I want to congratulate Matt Geller who will be attending SUNY College of Optometry in August, 2009.  Matt is an optometric intern at Optix and has taken on the responsibility of organizing and posting all these blog articles.  We look forward to having Matt back in the office after he graduates SUNY Albany in May.

Great people have made Optix a great place to practice optometry.  Thank you to my valued staff and friends.

Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

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