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Golf Season and Your Vision | Long Island Eye Doctor

Joel Kestenbaum, OD

It’s Golf Season!

Okay…..It’s almost spring time.  It’s the time you’ve been waiting for.  It’s golf season.  The pro’s are on TV every weekend, Tiger is on the prowl, and now and you’re starting to get the itch.

Who am I kidding?  I am starting to get the itch.  I love golf.  I take the game very seriously….. seriously enough to make sure I am seeing the ball as well as I can.  Within the past year, I started wearing contact lenses for golf.  Even though I see well enough in the office, I have found that I needed an extra edge for my passion.  And it really worked.  My putting improved because I can read the greens better.  My short game improved due to better depth perception.  And guess what?  My handicap improved too.

Is this all due to contact lenses?  Probably not.  But lenses did help improve my overall vision.  This was one less thing for me to think about so I was able to concentrate on my game.

So what contact lenses are best for your golf game?  It all depends on your individual needs.  For me, a single use or one day disposable was perfect.  I wear the lenses for about 5 to 8 hours and then I am done.  I remove the lens, throw it away, and take a fresh lens the next time I play.  I keep a few lenses in my golf bag, my car, my travel kit, my bowling bag, and my tennis bag.  Did I mention that contact lenses are great for other passions?

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Hit em straight.

Joel Kestenbaum, OD
Optix Family Eyecare Center

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